Outages and Other Info at Your Fingertips!

Outages are an unfortunate fact of life, especially nowadays when so much of our daily lives depend on the constant flow of electricity, gas, water, and internet access. There are many reasons an unexpected outage may occur such as bad weather, animals, vehicle accidents, and normal wear and tear. Sometimes we have planned outages to replace, repair, and upgrade our equipment so that we can keep unexpected outages to a minimum. In an effort to keep you informed about planned and long term unplanned outages we now have four different ways you can receive notifications. We will also post other announcements and information, so don’t wait for an outage to visit these sites.

To receive notifications:

  1. Send an email to outage@fvutil.com and you will receive an email anytime there is a planned or extended unplanned outage.
  2. Follow our Twitter account @fvutil
  3. Visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fvutil
  4. Visit our web page at www.fvutil.com