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City of Fort Valley Water Quality Report

Every community water system is required to provide a Consumer Confidence Report, also called a Water Quality Report, to its drinking water customers by July 1 each year.  The City of Fort Valley’s reports are available at the link below. For more information contact the Drinking Water Quality Lab at (478) 825-5482.

2015 Annual Water Quality Report

Water is provided from six deep wells approximately 500 feet deep.  These wells pump water to three water treatment plants where the water is disinfected to ensure no organisms are present, fluoride added to strengthen the teeth of young people, and pH adjusted to make the water non-corrosive to customers’ pipes and tanks.

From the treatment plants, over 5000 gallons of water per minute are pumped to the distribution system.  Additionally, six elevated water tanks located throughout the system provide 1.3 million gallons of storage capacity and also ensure adequate water pressure to all customers.  Additional ground storage tanks bring the system storage capacity to 1,975,000 gallons.

The distribution system is comprised of 150 miles of water mains ranging in size from ¾” to 22” diameter which provide water to citizens of Fort Valley, as well as many residents of Peach County and some residents of Macon County.

We have one of only 35 certified water testing laboratories recognized by EPD in the State.

Permanent Year-Round Water Restrictions

Current outdoor water use rules are listed at the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Questions, comments, or concerns can be made to the Fort Valley Utility Commission at 478-825-7701, option 3.


When you plan to dig anywhere, buried gas piping should be located in advance and all digging should be carefully done by hand in the vicinity of the pipe.  New rules in Georgia require contact with the Utility Protection Center, 811 or 1-800-282-7411, three days in advance of digging in order that all underground utilities and cable may be located.  This is a free service.  For Frequently Asked Questions, visit

Private Water Cut-Off

The Georgia Plumbing Code, as adopted by the City of Fort Valley, requires that a private cut-off valve be installed in the service line on the customer side of the meter by the customer.  When a Utility Commission owned cut-off (curb stop) is rendered inoperable by a customer or agent of the customer, the Utility Commission will replace the valve at a charge of $75.00 to the customer. To assist those utility customers who demonstrate the financial need, the payment may be made in the form of five (5) payments of $15.00 each.  Utility Commission policy states that if for any reason a customer must have their water service shut-off by the Utility Commission, it is mandatory the customer have a “working” private cut-off installed and the location of it physically noted prior to having the water turned on.
 Note:  Per policy, only work the Utility Commission deems to be an emergency will be conducted after 9:00 PM.