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FVUC Rates Effective 11-14-16

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for utilities (electric, natural gas, water or sewer services) off campus?

  • Applicants are required to present a valid state or school issued picture ID, copy of current valid lease agreement and complete a service application.

How much is the security deposit?

  • The deposit will be based on potential delinquency risk determined by your credit rating obtained through Online Utility Exchange.
  • If a customer refuses to allow the Utility Commission to use Online Utility Exchange, or if the customer has no credit history, the higher deposit will be assessed.
  • Below is a chart of the current security deposits as of June 2012 (subject to change).
  • Property owners may bring in a warranty deed in lieu of a deposit.

 Potential Delinquency Risk






10% or Lower

Greater than 10%

(Also applies to applicants who refuse credit check, or applicants with no credit history)

Electric, Gas, Water Customer $200 $300
Electric Customer $120 $175
Gas Customer $  75 $125
Water Customer $  50 $100

I will have roommates; who is responsible for the bill?

  • The roommates need to decide in advance who will apply for service. The Utility Commission will only run the credit report one time during the application process for the applicable
  • The individual who puts their name on the account (name must be on the lease) is responsible to ensure all bills are paid by 6:00 PM on the due date. If bill is not paid by 6:00 PM on the due date you will be assessed a late fee and account will be subject to disconnect.

Do you accept credit/debit card payments?

  • We do accept major credit/debit cards. You can pay online at, via phone or in the office.
  • Phone payments for roommates or tenants making partial credit/debit card payments for the same account will not be accepted. The Utility Commission suggests these individuals utilize the online credit/debit card payment system or make payments to the person whose name is on the account since the account holder has the responsibility to pay the Utility Commission.

Note:  Once you apply for service, you will receive a “New Customer Information” packet with more detailed information.  You will also receive a magnet with our phone numbers and your bill’s due date.

If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at 478-825-7701, option 3.


Online bill pay Click Here to pay with a credit card


Here are the ways you can pay your utility bill

  • In our lobby at 500 Anthoine st, Fort Valley GA 31030. We are open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5pm. (6 pm on due dates)
    We except cash, check, & credit card.

  • At one of our 6 drop box locations in Fort Valley.
    • Utility Commission – 500 Anthoine Street, Fort Valley
    • AP Mini Mart – 702 Orange Street, Fort Valley
    • City Hall – 204 W. Church Street, Fort Valley
    • Community Plaza – 1200 State University Drive, Fort Valley
    • Jason’s Mini Mart – 402 S. Camellia Blvd., Fort Valley
    • Neighbors Food Mart – 412 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Fort Valley

  • Gas payments for residents of Roberta & Crawford County can be made at the City Hall in Roberta located at 123 E. Agency St.


Tired of High Bills … Try Budget Billing!

When temperatures drop, our heaters work harder to maintain the temperature we select.  The same occurs in the summer when the air conditioner constantly runs to keep us cool.  In both instances, utility bills tend to be higher than when temperatures are milder.

If you are tired of high bills in the summer and winter, you may want to consider signing up for the 12-month average payment plan.  Once you sign up for the 12-month average plan your payment will be calculated by taking the current month’s actual charges (including taxes) plus the actual charges for the 11 preceding months, then dividing by 12 to calculate the 12-month average.  This average will be the amount due and will vary slightly from month to month.

To qualify for the plan, you must have resided at your current residence for at least one year so the system can calculate the 12-month average payment.  In addition, the account must have a zero balance and have a good payment history (no late fee or returned check fee for the previous 6 months).  When you move or final the account, you will be responsible for any balance due if applicable.  The Fort Valley Utility Commission reserves the right to periodically audit the 12-month average plan accounts and request payment due if the account is building an arrears.

Call Customer Service at 825-7701, option 3 if you would like more information on this plan.